Goigmg is born from the idea of Goi Primo that in March 2012 decided to establish her own company.

Half Eritrea and half Italian Goi Primo has grown since childhood close to the work of parents and traveling with the family around the world for business researches for their stores in Milan in which it’s a pleasure to get lost among a thousand objects, accessories, ancient and modern fabrics coming from all over the world (Asia, Africa, Central and South America). The research and the creation of all its collections are born from these ancient and international materials.

Goi thinks and designs his accessories mixing ethnic pieces with modern and clean materials and thus creating something new without neglecting the importance of history and vintage that she loves and always giving a look to other cultures that are the common thread of each collection of high fashion and above all of its.

Goigmg bijoux are handmade, they are unique pieces created with refined materials of ancient value.

Goigmg's 2018 collection highlights, like any past and certainly future collection, a multicultural impression with a strong European base, proposing pieces and accessories linked to other fascinating cultures and reworked in a modern key with accessories and refined design pieces such as glazes, stones, metals, fabrics and bakelite.
The collection has been subdivided into 4 mini collections in order to satisfy the different tastes of the final user while still maintaining a well-defined and above all recognizable identity.
The indispensable mood of the brand is recognizability, maintained through pieces always present in every collection such as the sacred heart or ex voto.
A part of the collection tells the encounter between cultures, the charm of distant lands creating a perfect balance between the lively styles of other peoples and the elegance and quality of the Made in Italy tradition of craftsmanship.
Various styles are caressed transversely, representing the key to the success of the brand, which as always demonstrates its versatility of trends, as today requires fashion and catwalks. In continuous change, in a multimedia company that travels at high speed, the accessories sector is required a chameleon adaptation, the one that the goigmg brand does through its two collections.

An inalienable feature is that of handmade, piece by piece, designed, conceived and assembled in the laboratory. This brings uniqueness and value to the brand, a value that bears the name of Made in Italy in various national and international fairs in which goigmg is present with its two collections.
The unique design of goigmg is the result of the creativity and excellence of expert craftsmen and the use of materials that are always sought after or reused in a different way according to seasonality.
The top materials used for the creation of the collection range from natural shells and gold or silver lacquers, enamel medals, small parts chosen piece by piece, rosaries in different materials and invoices, silk scarves and fabric bags such as silk and cashmere, applications
vintage and ex voto molds in gold and silver metal.
As always there is an evening line with crystal-style earrings, the common thread of every collection, designed and created according to the season's trends. Each piece, always light and bright, is assembled crystal for crystal, by hand without using machines; nothing is in series to demonstrate the continuous search for the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the brand.